Management Team

Young, Dynamic & Passionate with Growth & Development


Derrick Teo


Chief Executive Officer

•IDA Scholarship awardee of 2005. Declined the award to start businesses.

•Seasoned entrepreneur of 10 years. Past involvement in healthcare and engineering.

•Account manager for Yakult


Wayne Chen

Executive Director

Seasoned entrepreneur of 9 years. Past involvement in sports events.

Dedicated leader in local business groups (BNI and Lions’ Club)

•Worked closely with Unilever, Nestle & Kraft Mondelez

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Lin Rong Jie

Chief Finance Officer

•Wilma Scholar, SMU Graduate in Finance with Magna Cum Laude.

•Product Manager in OCBC (Management Trainee Program)

•Entrepreneur in 2 F&B and food manufacturing.

•Account Manager for Nestle for the last 5 years


Hear it from them, not us


Head of Sales, Business Development & Operations, Whealthfields Lohmann (S)

“Linda is very committed in bringing up the team of promoters, especially excellent in retaining good and passionate ambassadors. Mostly are more than 6 years with Elitez and many are keen to learn during the training. Kimberly is always driven with fighting spirit and have strong ownership to service our account. She is responsive and responsible to every activation.


The team is putting in utmost effort to provide growing sales progressively. Overall, both Kimberly and Linda have made our partnership fruitful. They are the asset of Elitez. I strongly believe that both have made the impressive team shine in this industry.”


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