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Promoter Management

Services: Manpower

Ready & trained pool of more than 800 promoters

We have gathered a strong database and supply of promoters from over 12 years of operations, ready to propel your activation to great success


WSQ Certified from Accredited Training School 

During the lockdown in 2020 & 2021, our promoters underwent retails & customer service related courses with our in-house training academy, equipping them with confidence & knowledge to excel in representing your brand

Sales reporting

Enabled with Technology Enhancement

From attendance taking to tracking of sales report to feedbacking on crowd flow of individual stores all in a single application. All benefits are translated to a successful and informative activation for you

Logistic Warehouse Storage Management
Logistics Management

Equipped with over 15 years of roadshow activation, 4,000 square feet of warehouse space, fleet of 5 vehicles and an arsenal of sampling equipments, consumables & booths, we are your one stop solution for sampling activations in or out of stores.



  • Cooking: multicooker, rice cooker, air fryer, induction cooker

  • Non-cooking: Dustbin, tongs, ice box, wireless speakers & mic



  • Gloves, mask, thrashbag

  • Toothpicks, saucers, 1/3/5 oz cups (plastic & paper), spork

Services: Logs

Design and Print

Working with a reliable printing partner and with scale, we are able to provide competitive prices for your printing needs, allowing us to be your single point of contact for all your activation needs.

Booth designing & POSM Fabrication
Instore Display Fabrication & Installation
Instore Display Design, Fabrication and installation
Services: Design Prnt
Services: MD
Merchandising Operations Solution Management

Merchandising Operations & Management

Experienced in handling business process outsourcing of a merchandising team of over 40 merchandisers, we understand all your merchandising challenges and have all the right solution for your needs. We have various solutions for different business needs. From dedicated team of merchandisers to a shared merchandising team aimed to serve clients with small number of SKUs.

Learn more about our Merchandising solutions today!

FIFO & Planogram Compliance

Stock Taking & Ordering

Space Procurement

POSM Set up

Services: Evets

Events Management

With a combined experience of over 40 years and more than 100 events planned within our young and dynamic team, we are positioned to bring refreshing ideas, creative concepts & flawless execution to your brand activation needs.

Services: Events

While we all have to believe we are working with the best team on the ground, checks must be in order to back up such believes. We perform audits without biasness to present the true representation of the situation and propose necessary changes if required.

Mystery Shopping, Audit or
Ad-Hoc Display Change

Time Motion Studies

To better understand the efficiency and time spent by your staff on ground with the intention of optimising deployment hours on various locations.

Promoter & Merchandising Performance

Assessing and grading promoters or merchandisers based on more than just their sales report. Providing you with a report that will allow you to make certain decisions for better optimisation of deployment.

Market Share Audit

Leverage on our network of staff to know where your products are positioned in each store, how much space do you really have vs what you were promised. These information are important before any campaigns are launched.

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