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The Elitez Family

As a regular part time staff with us, you will not only be provided with job opportunities, but also

  • Complimentary annual health check up

  • Enjoy Festive Holidays together

  • Invited to have occasional exercise sessions 

  • Invited to celebrate our anniversary 

  • Complimentary WSQ training for upgrading!

WSQ training
Adapt Academy
WSQ Training
Adapt Academy Classroom Training
Adapt Academy zoom training
Adapt Academy zoom training
Supermarket promoter
Supermarket promoter
fmcg promoter
fmcg promoter
fmcg promoter
supermarket sampling
supermarket sampling
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Join the Elitez Family!

Every single one of us are part of a bigger Elitez organisation and family. Whether you are a full time staff, an outsourced staff or even a part timer, we value everyone and wish to empower you to your highest human potential.

Here in Elitez, we are a true believer in continuous learning. Till date (Aug 2021), we have invested over $500,000 on training courses on our promoters and HQ staffs.

As a regular part time staff with Elitez, you get to enjoy the following benefits!

WSQ Course

Company Sponsored WSQ Courses

Up to 10 Courses worth $3,500 Available!

  • Respond to Service Challenges

  • Essential Service Skills

  • Perform Product Demonstration

  • And more

Complimentary Health Check

Complimentary Annual Health Check Up

Wealth is important, so is your health!

You will be invited back to HQ for an annual health check up to have an assessment of your health!


Celebrate Together

From Anniversary to Festive Holidays

As we work hard together, we got to make sure we play hard together as well! Luo Hei together during Chinese New Year or dress up according to theme during our anniversary! Suit up in your workout attire as we would organise a group workout that is friendly enough for all ages!

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Work with us!

Are you ready to join our dynamic, flexible and energetic workforce? Sign up now and hop onto the continuous learning journey

+65 8180 0994 (Eevann)

+65 8368 9494 (Josh)


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